My Portfolio Page - Sean Medlin

Any feedback is welcomed!

Hey man, it’s a good start! I like your use of the shadows on your boxes. The sticky header is a nice touch. If you’re asking for tips design wise, I’d look at web design trends on YouTube to get a good idea of what is in. For instance, a big hero image that covers the first part of your screen is really popular.

These are nice little skills that you’ve established that you will find yourself placing into the design concepts of your designer or client.

I noticed you’re into learning web dev for WordPress. That’s awesome - that’s a very popular content management system, or CMS, and you’ll find that it will make your life a lot easier. It creates a dynamic web page where your client has control over the minor things, like text and headers - etc and allows you to block them from accessing the source code (if you wanted to).

Check out my portfolio page that I’ve transformed into a professional digital marketing company here.

By the way, I’m AF too!

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Your portfolio page looks great! Thanks for the feedback. AF FTW!