My portfolio page - tried to make it look like paper. Take a look, thanks

Hi there.

I finished the portfolio page project. It’s in Danish, but you’ll get the idea. I tried to make it look a little different and hopefully fun to scroll through.

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:astonished: That is AWESOME! Great job. I love the pictures taped to the page.


Hey @kschou616 your portfolio is amazing! I really like the paper style. You should totally expand on this page with more features. Employers are going to love it, I am sure.

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Thank You, that’s very kind. Any suggestions are welcome, of course.I think I might ad a hover effect to the links.

This is a really cool style. The links in the upper right are a bit hard to read, though.

I think it would be good to make the design simpler, the paper is great, but it might appear to be somewhat cluttered. Let me know if that helps

Really, really cool design. I think that it looks great in general. I can see what @byteknacker says about it looking a little cluttered, but I think that if you add some space between the photos it would help with make things look cleaner. Either way, great job!

Great! You give me inspiration to continue on!:heart:

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I concur with @jcortes0309! Uniform spacing is something you might try out.

Check this out for a short and great design tutorial in just 15 min:

@kschou616, do apologise, should have been more specific about my feedback.

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That’s a great little page tutorial. Thank you for the link. And the feedback!

Thank you all for the feedback. I like (and was going for ) the somewhat “cluttered” look, but it might be too much. I’ll scale it back one of these days. Also, my css for the polaroids and the Foundation columns grid does not work too well together, so it looks really cluttered on a medium-sized screen like an iPad.
I will try a different grid. For now, though, I think I will move on to the JS-part of Free Code Camp and return to the portfolio page later, when I have more projects done.

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Yes that is a great idea. If you need any help with the algorithms, just post here or make a new post and tag me. I will try to help. I did the introduction ones all .

Okay, I couldn’t help myself. I re-did the columns; now there is less clutter, and it works fine on iPad. Thank you all again for feedback.

@byteknacker And thank you! Looking forward to do a little more JS.

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@kschou616: I very much enjoyed the unique approach in which you took for this portfolio site. I think the term for this type of design is called skeumorphism. The only thing I’d like to see is some form of translation from Danish to english. For this example, that feature is crucial, especially if you’re subject matter is going to include pictures of Nazis. Without some kind explanation as to why their is an SS officer in your portfolio, some individuals may leave your site site with the wrong impression.

I took the initiative to put some of the content through google translator for a clearer understanding as to what you were trying to accomplish, and I fully realize that you did not do this out of any sense of malice. But for a lot of us, the image of a swastika can (and often does) provoke a very dark and visceral reaction. I have a feeling that is not the purpose or intention of your portfolio, but as a friend and fellow designer, I suggest that you reconsider your choice of content on that basis alone.

Otherwise I really think you did a phenomenal job of combining skeumorphism and responsiveness in a really effective package. Good job.

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@kschou616: I tend to agree with @michaelkornblum. For somebody who doesn’t speak Danish, it isn’t obvious that your portfolio is a journalist’s portfolio, thus the SS image and also the word ‘paedofil’ on an otherwise innocent looking page can come as a bit of a shock. Maybe it would help if you gave the page a heading, such as “Kim Schou, journalist”.

That said, the design is great!

Dear @janschreiber and @michaelkornblum - Thank you for your feedback and all the kind words.

I understand where your criticism comes from. You make a fine point, but as you both note: The problem lies in the translation. And therefore I don’t think I will change anything, except probably (one of these days) translate it into English. The very first sentence (in Danish) states, that I do journalism and that the first links are to articles. Very good ones, actually (I can say that because I didn’t write all of them, most I just designed).

FUI: The story with the image of a nazi is a diary from a former high ranking nazi during the occupation of Denmark. Throughout his words two historians comment on the text hand his point of view. It is in fact a very critical analysis of a historical document.

The story with the “stamp” headline “pedophile” is the sad but true and important story of a man in a small town who was wrongly accused, but still had to leave his home; just because of gossip.

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Pretty awesome design, however, being someone with vision issues, I feel that the fonts used on the photo captions as well as in the “Mer’ om mig” section makes the text less readable. These fonts are great for visual design but work better when used at larger sizes. At present sizes and purposes (paragraphs) they are difficult to read. I realize that the “Mer’ om mig” section is not english and I wouldn’t understand it anyway, however I should at least be able to see the words and attempt to pronounce them for fun. but overall the Design is imaginative, the point of the layout makes a lot of sense and I do get why you chose these fonts but try to find some that are a bit more readable. Accessibility is “Key” to User Experience.

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Very original, i like it !

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@kschou616: I agree. If the page is intended for a Danish audience, @michaelkornblum’s and my own comments don’t apply.
(I am German, and we are still in the process of figuring out collectively why our grandparents behaved like a bunch of sociopaths. Maybe that explains my emotional reaction.)

Granted, @kschou616, I get that this is in fact a journalism website intended for a Danish audience. And as I stated before I did put some of your content through Google translator in an effort to understand what you were trying to communicate. I even concluded that the Nazi story was in fact a fine piece of journalism. With all this being said, there is one last consideration.

The skeuomorphic design strikes me as almost whimsical, whereas much of the subject matter on the site is rather dark. Was this decision intentional, and if so what message are you trying to convey? Bear in mind that I am not trying to tear down your work by any stretch of the imagination. I just want a more solid understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.

@janschreiber most of the Eastern European branch of my family died in the Holocaust during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. But with this being said, I still believe that everyone to some extent has fundamental good in them. This is why I didn’t go into this discussion as a reactionary. I purposefully made an effort to put my Judaism aside in an effort to understand this work, and was largely successful. But with this being said, I feel my comments (and yours as well) do apply, A lot of would be critics would not have taken the steps that we have taken to understand this work, and instead would have instinctively gone to a dark place.

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.