My Portfolio page using the Materialize CSS Framework

Hi all!

I have made my Portfolio page and used the Materialize CSS Framework. All feedback and suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve never used Materialize - does it come with these nifty animations, like the modal on image click and the floating label on your form? Or did you use separate code for that?

In terms of your portfolio, I love a lot of the choices you made. The navigation bar “active” effect being simply a bar and the opaque nav bar color choices. All great! You might want to add a hero image to make the landing on your portfolio exciting! and fresh!

Design-wise, I’m not super thrilled about the “V” logo being in the center. I’d rather have that to the left. Think about changing your header fonts to something a bit more dramatic.

Finally, when viewed on mobile, there’s empty white space to the right of the page. Add body { overflow-x: hidden }; to hide that!

Time to fill that portfolio with some JavaScript projects!

Yep it comes with these animations and is based on Google’s Material Design. I will look for a hero image but adding them to the page is tricky once a webpage has been created. I have left aligned the “V” logo. I have also added body { overflow-x: hidden }; but the empty white space is still not removed.

Thanks a lot mate for taking your time to review my portfolio page!