My portfolio page! waiting for advises

Hi, this is the second project waiting for advice. Thanks upfront.

Hi Peleda23! I tried to check your project but CodePen sends me this message: “The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.” I can see your code but I cannot see your project in full page.

You can put all your stylesheets in Settings>Stuff for the “head” and I will look much more cleaner :smiley:
You can also link your menu buttons to the different sections using href="#id of your section":
for example for your about section your id is about, to link the button to this section you need to write a href="#about">About Me
You can also center your social icons using text-align: center.
It looks really cool! Once you verify your email I can have a look again at full size! :smiley:

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I manage to verify my codepen. You can try to look now. I try to center my buttons with as you sad text-aling, but it didn’t work.

Your portfolio now can be seen at full size.
To center your buttons you have to eliminate your padding: 7% 34%, you can give it a padding 100px and the text-align: center. I will also eliminate your fonts3{margin-bottom: 80px} so everything is well center in the div.

Also you don’t need your closing tag /head on your html document.

I will also link the home button to the the first div where you have “Hello my name is Tomas Murinas I am self taught Front End Web developer”, so when you are in a different section, you can click home and it will lead you to the beginning of the portfolio.

Nice Job! And I hope this is useful!