My Portfolio pen. Any feedback and criticism very welcome!

Hello everyone!
Just finished my Portfolio page, please check it and if you have any ideas- please write it down

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The structure looks fine and the layout is sound. In my opinion though it looks a bit dull. I’m a strong believer in less is more, but I think too little is also not necessary a good thing. Try sprucing it up with maybe some colors in the layout that draws the eye, but take care not to use colors that will be too heavy. Here’s a good article to help with that: Also try some more info in your #About section. Maybe tell the reader about what you are studying now and/or some of your experience in the IT world. With all that said you’re deffinately on the right track. Keep going. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :wink:


I appreciate your advices, will try to fix my PEN. Thank you!