My Portfolio -- please critique!

Hey everyone!

I finished my portfolio page about a month back, and I kept changing the color schemes and layout. I’m still not sure if I like the green, but I’ve decided to leave it for now because if I keep changing it I’ll never move on to other projects!

Here it is
New update!

Please offer any feedback, as harsh as you want, I want to make this look amazing! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations it’s very good but maybe you can make it mobile accessible

Strange…I could have sworn it was optimized for mobile the last time I looked at it, I must have falsely remembered.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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It is okay but the colours…

The green doesn’t works so well with that green at all. So I’ll try to make with a good palette of colours, dig the web to find a palette that you like the most!

Keep us updated!

Yes the colors were my biggest issue! I love design and I’ve always had a distaste for the combo of green and orange, but for some reason I combined them! :smiley:

I’ll see what I can do. Can you (or anyone else for that matter) recommend any color theory or just general design resources out there on the web?

Thanks for the feedback so far guys! :slight_smile:

It depends bout what you want to say with your colours, take a look here!

Take your time and think about the sensations.


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I was thinking “excited but professional” if that makes sense :smiley:

Thank you for that link, it’s awesome!

Nice! Very simple design. :slight_smile:

You can modify the navbar to the one which gets minimized on smaller screens, if that’s okay with you.

I like the simplicity in your design!! :blush:

Have you thought of replacing the social buttons with their actual versions? Now that I stare at it, I wonder how would it look like.

If you get time, check out mine too! -

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Thanks for your feedback!

About the navbar – do you mean one that collapses, or just a smaller one? Because I can’t find a way to get a slimmer, sleeker navbar on mobile. The tabs just collapse under the bar and although it works it looks clunky.

Thanks for the social buttons tip, that sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

For your portfolio:

  • I really like the green bars showing your skillsets, the purple is a great shade!
  • However there is too much blank space beneath it before the portfolio section.
  • The back background in your portfolio doesn’t really go well with the rest of the page. Maybe you can have it be white, and make the background of the contact section purple?

I think you should use a good contrasted palette. The contrast should be between background and the links and header for example, with reds, magentas etc.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes, the one that collapses. Also make the text CamelCase (I guess) or maybe all UPPER would be better.

Are you not using any framework?

I used Bootstrap. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, I will check and see what I can do. I have created as post for that…so if I change anything I will update it there and let you know here as well. :blush:

The reason why I left so much whitespace is, because I don’t know what else to put there. :laughing:

Hey guys, made some updates to it!

How does it look now? Better?

Better than before! :smiley:

The header and footer colors look different. Is it?

Also, the lime green button blinds my eye :frowning: Maybe you can keep the button colours same as the header and footer… just a suggestion.

Um, mind adding some margin-top CSS property to the sections? If you click the project menu, a little top of the images are stripped away.

Do you mean the placeholders or just the small buttons? My computer screen is quite old and damaged so colors always look a bit “softer” for me, I didn’t know it was that bright! :smiley:

Head and footer are the same color.

Thanks for the suggestions I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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I was referring to the buttons in your contact section… The social ones.

Thanks! Fixed them.

I can’t get it to stop cutting the top of my portfolio off though :frowning: margin-top isn’t working, it still cuts off.


Add padding-top to add some space between top margin and actual content.

That works but it adds space that I don’t want to be there.

Yeah… I did the same. That’s the problem with sticky navbar.

If you get some workaround, please share. :slight_smile: