My portfolio please give feedback

Hi! here is my portfolio page. please give your feedback.

thanks and regards

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@adeelsalim Looks great!
Your menu seems to overlap on small screen sizes:

Also, instead of writing text in uppercase in HTML, you can use text-transform: uppercase; in CSS.

Otherwise, it all looks great! I can’t see the images hosted on DropBox though.

Is thier a better way to host images instead of dropbox

Good Morning,

I like the clean layout and the progress bar’s, which give a good visual sense of your proficiency levels. I also like you’re image, it indicates to me that you like to apply your skills toward creative projects. Having said that can I recommend that you try to find a good balance between the clean layout and more indications of your creativity?

In my humble opinion you shouldn’t be afraid to let your personality shine through a little more, it gives a potential employer a more balanced sense of who they are looking at.

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Thanks man!! Really appreciate your views

Sample section need to be reduced alot…

Im currently working on portfolio as welll
i had a similar idea of keeping loading bars but couldnt get arround them
your code will be of much help
get back to you when im done
btw your porfolio looks good
especially the banner image

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Thanks buddy… look forward to seeing your portfolio