My portfolio project and blog

Is this too childish?
To much color ?
I feel skeptical about my Portfolio.


Its super retro. Reminds me of b3ta’s soundboards etc back in the day. Love your dungeon game as well


I really like this!

What I think is well done:

  • The background is eye-catching without being too distracting.
  • I like that you display what languages you used to make each project.

Ways to improve:

  1. Do you use github? Add that to your social media links.
  2. Make sure the links open in new tabs by using the target="_blank" attribute.
  3. Something about the opaque black boxes rubs me the wrong way.
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Small typo in one of your headers. The word ‘Atributes’ should be spelled ‘Attributes’.

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Thank you guys, I did considered all the suggestions.

1 Like some changes.

On top of my portfolio I am developing this blog

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