My portfolio project :) any feedback is welcome

here it is:

I tried to check it pretty thoroughly for bugs in the responsiveness area, but I’m sure y’all know how hard it is to catch everything - if you spot something, let me know!

anyways, whatcha think?

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Looks very nice. My only advice would be to add some margin top so that your diamond graphic is not cut off by your nav bar.

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Looks neat and clean. Beautiful :slight_smile:

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Great design and colors!

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Nice Portfolio Page! I really like it. Keep coding!
I want to say my opinion about some elements. It is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

  • Header. I think it will looks beter if rectangles of links height will equal header height.
  • About section. In this section you have about text with white background. I think it will look little better adding little more “white space” between edges of your text and it’s background.
    It is a great job! Keep coding! Keep designing! Let’s make web better!:wink:

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