My Portfolio Project - css flexbox not working for me


My portfolio page (responsive web design - last project), passes all the tests. But the flex functions for some reason are not working for the contact section (profile-link). The links are not arranged horizontally like I am asking it to. Nor is it displaying the correct font. Any ideas? Link to my codepen code-

Appreciate everyone’s help on this!

The flex items are wrapping. You have flex-wrap on the flex container and the flex items are width 100% so they will wrap. I would give the links their own flex container. I would probably just switch them to a column at some point instead of wrapping, that might look better.

As for the font. Just move the text out of the <i> element so the text is the link text instead (the font is being overwritten by Font Awesome).

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Thank you! That worked. Looks so much better now.

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