My Portfolio Project - Feedback Please

Hello fellow camper,

I tweaked some things on the portfolio provided by FCC and it turned out quite well i guess. But it’s just my own opinion. Would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you in advance!


looks Good ,you are doing really well keep building more project

Overall, it looks nice, with good spacing around the elements. It responds well, too. Well done.

Here are a few things to note:
The flip effect is good, but the reversed text is quite confusing, especially on small screens. I think a brief description of each project below each flipping image would be useful, especially as they are reversed when hovering over them.

I’d stay away from using mailto as a contact method; have a nice contact form instead. Besides, mailto is a sure way to get spammers. It’s not something a future client would want.
Is there going to be an about section?

Great job, man!
Keep up the awesome coding!

Thank you very much brother!

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Thank you Gunjan very much!

I haven’t thought about giving a more detailed description of my projects on the back of my flipping images. I’ll do it.

I’ll also use a contact form instead of mailto b/c i didn’t know spammers can attack easily attack it.

About section wasn’t on the sample portfolio and that’s why i thought it wasn’t that important but i do have an about page on my other portfolio which is among my projects given on this portfolio.

I really appreciate for taking the time to give me full feedback on my project, sir.

If i’m not mistake you’re in the USA, when i get there, a big party is on me sir! Thank you so much!

Glad to help.
I’m from England and I’m living in China.

You’re totally welcome!

I love it!

I’m working on my portfolio site for FCC and I’m totally going to do the same thing you did by linking my real portfolio to the FCC portfolio.

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Nice to meet you mate aaand Ni hao!

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thank you Tyler,

If you link your real portfolio to your FCC portfolio, you can keep working on your FCC portfolio to make it look better.

Good luck on your FCC adventure!

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I agree with the guy who suggested you use an email form instead of mailto. I use Formspree on my portfolio, and it works great.

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Some of your projects bleed off the screen on mobile. Your serious form is fun, nice work!

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Great job especially I like the work at footer. However, I have one suggestion about the decrements of font size. What do you think?

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Wow! I’ve gotta be honest! Your portfolio is literary the best I have seen here so far! Are you a senior web developer? How long have you been coding?

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can you pls share the code for “formspree”. Honestly, i don’t even know what that is :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate that.

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Thank you Shona ) decrements of font size? Let’s do it! But i got a small problem here… since English is not my first language, i don’t know what decrements of font size means )

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Thanks man. I am not a senior developer, actually, I’m a history teacher. I have been teaching myself to code so I can improve my teaching and research. I’ve learned everything I know about web development from freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, EdX, and Udemy.

Here’s a link to Formspree. The directions for using it are dead simple - no extra JavaScript, just a single line of code in the form. Check out the contact.html file in my portfolio’s codebase.

Good luck @mbassador. Your portfolio looks great on Codepen. It would be simple for you to post on GitHub Pages if you would like something more permanent.

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It turns out, We are colleagues! I’m an English teacher. You must have been coding for at least a year b/c your portfolio really does look outstanding. Thank you very much for the links, now i can I’ll fix my contact form. As for Github, I haven’t learned how to do the push/pull stuff on there. All i can do is copy/paste on Github but I’m afraid that’s not the right way to use it. That’s why I’m very passive on Github.