My Portfolio project

Hi everyone, I just finished the project and I would like some feedback . Many thanks!

My feedback :

  • Tips for you can be useful for you one day : too much color can kill the design.
    But you manage the color well.
  • You should use placeholder in your contact field.
  • It’s work very well in mobile, great job
  • You forgot to mention your title
  • You should present yourself
  • But sorry to say you that, but for a front-end development course and for a future front-end developer, I am not sure you really put a lot of effort. Don’t forget that all your project are the qualities and expertises of the developer.
  • I hope you’re joking :neutral_face: when you say you finish the website.
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Thank you very much for the feedback :slight_smile:
It is true, I need to introduce myself as my title.
Regarding my effort, I will try to further improve the portfolio, obviously is not finished, but meets the objectives required by the project.
Thanks again.
Sorry if my English is not very good.

I think your english is far better than mine. :blush: