.My Portfolio Project

I would especially like feedback on its responsiveness.


It looks great. Just a few pointers

  • Font size on the nav is just too big.
  • Font style you used on your name takes long to figure out the name
  • There is a huge gap between social links and links to my media

Thanks! I’m heading back in.

******* I’ve fixed the gap *********
***** I’ve changed the font ******

May the CODE be with you!

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I noticed another gap between about and projects
this big

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I had really focused on making each page pop into position when I used the nav links. I never looked back at the actual space between them. Do you have any tips on how to make this better?

That’s a huge space!

I went through your code and noticed you used padding-top and height I would recommend using one either padding or height. Maybe @KittyKora and @Roma could assist!

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