My Portfolio Prototype wants some feedback

Hey, fellow campers. I was doing a hackathon where you had to make your portfolio and I made mine for a third time.
It can be found at
If it isn’t working, go to

So in my first one, a lot of people said the green gradient was too much and they didn’t like it. In the new one, I switched to a golden yellow color and not as many glowing effects.

If you have anything to say about my portfolio, you are welcome to tell me.
Thanks for reading.
Happy Coding!

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Hey there @ConnerOw1115 !

Holy cow your website looks amazing and so does your work, keep up the great work!

Your website design is pretty great, but I feel like the dark mode is a bit too much for me, maybe add a pastel light mode switcher? Just a suggestion that I know would just be torture for you to go though (I’m already wincing thinking about it) but if you want to use this website professionally it might be worth it.

Also, the solar system images can be replaced by simple contrast gradients or full-stop colors, remember, minimalism is the new hotness (MIB reference for any nerd like me LOL) so I would recommend just a bit more minimalism but compared to your first portfolio you’ve definitely improved.

There’s also this bit of blank space in the middle of the homepage:

perhaps you can elaborate your plans for this section?

Also, quick note, I looked through your portfolio and I was amazed, I feel like you could do some freelancing, I saw you did some free projects as well. They look awesome and I think you could totally do some small jobs freelancing on upwork, fiverr, stack overflow job boards, etc.

Keep on coding!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback. Luckily, I used CSS variables to do some of the coloring. I kind of like the space backgrounds so I think I’ll keep them. I might turn up the brightness of the colors a bit.

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Yeah, overall it looks really nice,

BTW how did you get that animation from the homepage? I would really like something like that for my Portfolio. Also did you use any frameworks or backend for this project and if so which ones?

I’m still in basic JS so I’m not up to speed to all this right now.

Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I used Flask (Python Backend Framework) to to the multi-page stuff.
The animation was done with p5.js:

I used SVG to do the dragon animation.

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Wait, why did you need a backend for multiple pages? It was my understanding that you just linked it in HTML. Can you explain some more?

(sorry for picking your brain, forgive me later LOL :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

Take a look at my portfolio and

Do you notice that the URL in my portfolio changes and the khanhub one doesn’t? The khanhub one was just plain HTML/CSS/JS in one large file.
You can take a look the backend code

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What I meant was using multiple HTML pages such as index.html, about.html, contact.html, etc…

Using those pages and then linking them together in the index, that’s what I meant. Also, what role does the backend play in your portfolio, I can see how KhanHub uses it to store user data and their code but how does flask impact your portfolio page?

It gives it multiple URL endpoints.

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@ConnerOw1115 LOLOLOLOL

I just looked at your backend and I understand now.

Thanks for your help @ConnerOw1115 and I hope I’ve been of some help as well.


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You’re welcome, @Cy499_Studios !

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