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It seems the section to test your site to see if one is doing everything is not showing up. What do I need to do for it to show up?

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Hi @dominionworkz,

Are you on CodePen? If yes did you use the template from freeCodeCamp? You can find it at the bottom of the page:

Then you will have the test box:

I don’t know if it is really this your issue.

yes I clicked this more than once even refreshed & logged out & back in

actually right-clicked on it so it could be a new tab

Logged out back in you mean on CodePen? Can you take a screenshot to see what you have on your screen after you arrive CodePen?

& yes I logged on & back in

but when I look at it in my “Your Work” it shows it ??

Here there is already your code, can you test again to open the link without do any change and take a screenshot to see what appear?

I saw also your image where it shows the box in “Your Work”, it is strange, never had this issue before.

I know, but the window does not show up

this is me clicking on the link as if I just started for the first time. I did this twice just then.

You didn’t have issue with the other templates for the other projects?

No sir, but what I just did was use a different browser & it shows up. The browser in ? is MSEdge. It is a first though

Are you saying the browser that doesn’t show the test suite is MSoft Edge?
Ensure that you are not blocking third party cookies.

Ahh, thanks I will try that too.

Ok, incompatibility between CodePen and that browser on some functions I guess

Yes once I opened up Google it worked