My ready for javascript

It’s not complete, but I’ve spent a few days on it and am tired of constantly coming up with new designs and scrapping my old creation. I’ll give it a break and cover some javascript.
I really enjoyed creating this portfolio. I picked up Sass and Jade on the way (in which I LOVE… the code is so clean). The upper portion of the website implements flexbox, while the lower implements bootstrap. I wouldn’t call it fully responsive, but I’ll get there eventually. I copied the portion for the carousel, although the code is pretty straight-forward. I think some more JQuery and Javascript experience will give me more motivation to really implement code like that myself. I’m also aware the color scheme for the links may be difficult to see… I just haven’t decided what color to add yet :persevere: I’ve literally spent the past few days putting in 12 hours playing around with different designs, unable to pick the perfect one. Maybe someday I’ll get there.

Hope you enjoy!


Looks great. The only little thing you don’t mentioned to correct is slider images size. Images are in different sizes so it’s look weird when switching between slides. Try to make them equal and fullwidth - than it will look perfect.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I like the design and typography. The top part looks really nice and stylish.
I agree that the slider images should be the same size, so the slider doesn’t change format.
Also, don’t forget to add a menu and contact form, as the user stories require them.

My first thought was wow! But how do I contact you?

Thanks for pointing that out!