My Portfolio V:1.0

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going great. I am posting for feedback on my first major(ish) project. I did a lot of researching to complete this and learned a lot along the way. I was slow to start and went through several drafts, but when I was on a roll I was on a roll. I also found that I love solving problems! With all of that being said please note that I do intend to go back and change the styling on the pages, and make it look better. Thanks for the feedback in advance!

Link to the Portfolio:

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Nice Bro,keep going on

Hi, Shameek.

The project looks very good. Really good job!
Social buttons look not so good, I mean, not stylish. Try to make their background transparent and blured.

Wish you good luck!

Looking good, Shameek!

I do agree with @anon28782659. You can do plenty more with your social buttons. I suggest checking out Bootstrap’s buttons. Details here:

I look forward to seeing how your project progresses!