My portfolio (v1) would love some input!

So I’ve gotten to that point in the camp where I had to build my portfolio. One part that is still broken is my navbar on small screens so for now I simply hid it. I tried collapsible but I think I did something wrong. All the links to social media are intentionally blank at the moment. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice.

My portfolio link


I like the site. It is simple (that is good) and the contact form is beautiful.
I also struggled with the nav-bar (to fix it on top) but I was using “raw” CSS. The fixation itself is not difficult but the jumps to the anchors (id’s) where “disturbed”. But we must go on and fix it later when we have learned more about it.

One remark:
I stumbled on the new semantic tags like main, header, section and article. These tags structure your site more logically so impaired people with screen readers can understand your presentation more easily, I suggest you study these tags and apply these to your portfolio page. You can use these tags instead of the “divs”.

Nice, clean, simple, would, however, recommend changing the header nav so it isn’t hidden on mobile views.

Also, +10 for DDP!

Thanks for the input folks. I will definitely work on the navbar! And those tags are interesting Im very interested in accessibility!