My Portfolio Website (Feedback needed please)

Hello, Campers!

I hope you are all keeping safe. I recently built a new portfolio website, which I hope is an improvement to the previous. I started working on the projects on my portfolio earlier in June.

I would really love and appreciate your feedback. Please do drop your thoughts here…

Thanks in advance! :heart: :smiley:


@Lafen Your website looks great!!!

Here is my input.

  • One thing I noticed is that in the project section your images are darkened. I would rather see them without the darkness.
  • Another thing is that I did not notice that there are more than three projects in that section. I would make the arrows bigger maybe or the dots on the bottom.
  • The hamburger button should hide when scrolling because it collides with the items in the background.
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Hey @Lafen!

I think your portfolio looks great! I noticed on your netflix clone that there was no search option. It would be nice if users had that option to search through the movie catalog.

Good job though.

Happy coding!

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@Lafen This looks Really Good!!
but yeah i would like to see the same :

Maybe you should blur and darkened them on hover not by default.
Also yes this would have been nice :

But anyways this looks awesome!!

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Hello @brandon_wallace,

Thanks very much for your feedback. I was considering darkening the images on hover as well. Now that you recommended it, I would do just that.

Hello @mdshariq @jwilkins.oboe ,

Thanks very much for your feedback. I’ll make sure to adjust the site as per your recommendation.

Thanks a bunch :smiley:

@mdshariq @brandon_wallace

I just updated the app as you suggested. The profile section is looking better than before, thanks very much.

I do hope you have a look at the improvements.

@Lafen I see you did it! Nice.

How about animating the arrow in the Project section draw people’s eye to that button? It can slowly move left and right using CSS animation. That way they will know there is more to see.

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