My portfolio website feedback

Hello FCCers !

I have finished my portfolio and would really appreciate it if you could critique it.

Here’s the url :

It has a mixture of FCC’s advanced JS challenges and some other projects I made with some udemy courses.

I am particularly concerned about cross-browser/ system compatibility… Not sure if I did everything possible to make it look as nice as possible for everybody… If you have any tips for that I would greatly appreciate it.

I also have to make it so that the website doesn’t go idle every hour or so (it’s powered by heroku…), which is why it may take time to load.

Don’t hesitate to be blunt, I appreciate any type of feedback.

Very nice.

Some observations.

Everytime I reload the homepage, I see that “Loading” animation. I’m okay seeing it once in the beginning, but on every homepage reload it kinda gives the impression your site is slow… then the blinking color strip on top of the page kinda looks like it’s still loading something…

I like the Legwork Studios demo. I wish there’s a quick way to return back to your Portfolio page… instead of me hitting Back > Back > Back > Back … then I see the “Loading” animation again on the homepage. (Seems to be the same deal on all the portfolio sites, no easy way to go back.)

I like the Weather app too, showing the histogram.

Well done, great job overall.

I agree with the points Owl made… which also helps me actually because my portfolio is set up the same way as far as having no easy way to get back to my portfolio. It made me really see the issue with that so Ill be fixing mine now :slight_smile:

There is a problem with the weather map…at first I waited a moment not realizing it would not come up automatically… When I did a search for Miami, I wasnt sure what I was looking at, but then noticed in the search bar it instructs to search for a Canadian city. I did learn something new today though…that there is a Miami in Manitoba, Canada… lol Not sure if thats intentional or not …but would be great to be able to search in the US as well…

Hey there!

I think that you did a good job but I did notice a few things after poking around for a bit.

I agree with owel about the loading screen - it’s a bit much especially if you imagine a potential employer going back and fourth from your site to your github account, linkedin, etc. It could get old pretty quick.

It may be nice to have some kind of navigation or a home button at the very least. I had the same issue that owel describes above.

Your site isn’t properly responsive. The columns do wrap nicely but they don’t recenter and your site becomes a mess when viewed on a small phone in portrait mode.

This is more a matter of personal opinion, but I don’t like the hover state on your projects. Since the border is changing from a width of 1px to 2px the sizing is changing kind of abruptly. I’d rather just keep the border width fixed or somehow transition the css change.

I really like the animation that happens when you click “about” though, well done!

@owel: I knew the loading animation would be a problem. I have to admit I was kind of attached to it visually and hoped I could stay in denial…

@cndragn: Well I am living in Canada and applying for jobs in Canada, but I will certainly add other regions of the world.

@RadDog25: I fixed the responsiveness and the border hover as well!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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First off I really like your page, very original style just like your example sites.

Coming from the perspective of the corporate world I do agree that the loading sequence, although very nice, is quite distracting. The color changing bar at the top would lead users (i.e. potential employers) to believe that your page is slow or partially broken.

Clicking on the portfolio section should have a mechanism to return to your main site. This will keep your “Main” site as the focal location and it would make navigation much easier.

Also I found myself a bit confused when entering your page and first choosing “Portfolio” or “About”. In either case scenario I found that when selecting one option I would only see that section (i.e. initially clicking portfolio would display just portfolio). But once I scrolled back up and clicked the other section then both were displayed. I’m sure this is on purpose and I’m just prob nick picking so, I’m truly sorry. But it makes it seem a bit “wonky”. Like I said it’s prob just me.

I did try it on Microsoft edge and the styling breaks down
MS edge sample 1

MS edge sample 2

Overall I do Love your pages, again very unique styles. And way better than mine, I assure you.