My Portfolio Website

Hello everybody! I have completed my portfolio website for the Front-End Developer certification and I was wondering if I can receive some constructive feedback about my work.
Here is the link for the site on Codepen:

Thank you very much!

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Looks really snazzy! Good job!

Just little things I am nitpicking on:

“Team Work”
“Download My Resume Here”

These words don’t look quite centered enough. Play around with padding and positioning some more to hopefully get it to look a little less off center.

I also recommend shortening “Download My Resume Here” to simply: “Click for Resume” or “Download my Resume”. Just something simpler. I would also shorten “My Skills and Portfolio” to simply “My Portfolio”

Also, I would revise the following:

“All images have been taken from online source.”
“Contact me though LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.”

These are not anything about coding, but thought you would appreciate the feedback anyway. Great job!


Thank you very much for your feedback! I will revisit the website and try to correct some of its issues :slight_smile:

Looks great.

A couple of minor things.
You just need to change “As a honours student” to “As an honours student”.

And this is just a personal thing but you can usually delete the comma that you put before “and”.
(I am a committed, responsible, and outgoing individual)

I love your header image.

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