My portfolio. What do you think?

Okay this is a funny one! I already have a personal website I built from scratch some months ago while learning the flexbox layout method. So, instead of creating another one I will submit my orignal website.

I still need your reviews guys. The website is at It’s in french but I will need to know what you think of the design :slight_smile:

Very Interesting. I think your design is incredibly original. My only concern is that someone coming to your page may not take the time to look carefully and perhaps leave the page, thinking that it did not load properly. Your thoughts?

Otherwise, thank heavens, I can still read enough French to survive. Again, I like it but am concerned about what non-programmers or marketers may think giving it just a quick look.

Bon travail mon ami.

Clean! I have a lot to learn from this simplicity.

@penguin27 You are referring to the use of raw code as design right? People might think the page did not load correctly as they see what looks like exposed code. There is an easy fix that though: just add some color to the code part of the design.

Thanks a lot guys @penguin27 and @ZeroXLR ! I’ll work on that code part!