My Portfolio - What I have learnt in 3 months

I just finished my portfolio and I wanted to know some things. Is hosted in

This is I was able to do since I started FCC this year and I focused on making a good responsive portfolio. Its the first time I try to make a “responsive desing” but it was not so difficult since I like to use flexbox. Also the projects you can see below are done by me. Most of them are finished, while some of them need to fix some bugs, but the idea its there.

My questions are: do you think it is a good page? does it works well on mobile? I have more than 400 lines of css in the main page, is that normal? What would you change?

I have to comment every HTML and clean up some code, but I wanted to share my progress as soon as the page was working.

Now that I think I have a reasonable level on HTML CSS and JS, I can focus on other things to learn. If you were in my position, what would you learn? I am going for some back end with Node to end up being a Full MEAN or MENR Stack Developer some day, but I am following that path because I want a job. What I am really interested in is in Data Visualization so I dont know if end the Full Stack, or get some level at least, or focusing on data visualization with things like D3.js or Python and his libraries.

Edit: English is not my first language, so if you see any typo, let me know :smiley:

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Here’s what it looks like when I scroll down a little bit iPhone 7 plus:

Is that overlap intentional?

Not at all hahaha. I will try to fix it. I cant trust the chrome dev tool of looking the web like a mobile anymore. And thanks for the feedback on mobile, I really apreciate it.

Hi Gabriel,

Just took a look at your website on a desktop. It looks great! I am extremely jealous of your proficiency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I can see just from your page that you are not a native English speaker, there are some spelling and grammar mistakes. Perhaps use some software to check your spelling and grammar or getting someone who is more fluent than yourself to proofread?

The only other small thing I would suggest is perhaps implementing functionality similar to scrollspy. This though is not essential just a small touch.


Thanks for the words! The grammar is my next thing to fix and I loved the idea, for sure I will implement it, it really gives a nice touch.

Thanks again for the ideas!