My portofolio reloaded


I had another go at my portfolio, trying to simplify it a bit. What do you think:

really nice … everything works and looks good … I like the modal that pops out when you click the links in the portfolio section.
only two things i can see to tweak and first is the text … MY PORTFOLIO in the about section … when viewing in mobile sizes this is wrapping and pushing the … look at the projects button ,down … i would make that text smaller on mobile so as not to have that happen

and other thing is the about button in nav bar dosent bring you back to top fully looks like you need to take away the nav header height in your code for this (that what i did in my code for it to work)
other than that … looks really nice and smooth

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Looks great!

Nice captivating header image and I like how well organized your projects are in the portfolio section.

The only things I would suggest are to put your own full name instead of saying “My Portfolio” in the header to put more focus on you instead since it’s already clear that the website is your portfolio.

I would also enlarge “Developer - Data Analyst - Biological Engineer” a little more and/or make the font the same as the title to break it up from the description underneath it more.

Another nice tweak could be to add some color to the call to action button like the blue you’re using in the footer.


Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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I really think you have succeeded with what a portfolio site should do. Your portfolio is especially interesting since you have experience in different fields. At the same time that is a design challenge.

Note how you repeat the word “portfolio” twice: once in the jumbotron and then again as its own section just below the jumbotron… That creates a confusing hierarchy… Isn’t the whole page a portfolio? I suggest you remove the word portfolio from below the jumbotron and go immediately into the categories Developer, Data Analyst, and Biological Engineer.

I also didn’t realize that “All developer projects” was a hyperlink to more examples until I clicked it. Right now it is very easy to overlook that you in fact has done loads of work, and not just the projects I see at first glance. If you change the wording to something like "See more Developer projects here " or add a “>>” or some other icon, or make some other change to indicate the volume of your work it would give me a better idea of your scope of work.

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Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: I just implemented many of your suggestions.