My Product Landing Page - "CMS Templates and Plugins Site"

Hi people! Have been passed some weeks since my last project, I was further reading and following the guides and resources on w3 and mdn (mostly about accessibility and layouts) and well here is my first result. I hope I have improved.

I focus this one on writing less mediaqueries

Any feedback is very welcome.


Hi @raven666 !

Your project looks amazing!

The only comment I had was this these looked like buttons to me because of the way they are styled. I tried clicking on them :grinning:

Keep up the good work!

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Yeah! almost clicked myself after posting here. Originally were boxes with a paragraph inside but I deleted before pasted on codepen (seems too much info for me) and didn’t check how looks before posting. I will edit the style of that list before add the link on my curriculum.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Wow @raven666, your page is awesome! You have a real talent there for web dev. Thanks to your post I discovered w3shools tutorials and mdn references also…

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