My Product Landing Page - (Feedback)

Hello all. I have completed my product landing page. I decided instead of it being on a product I would do a service, but I met the wickets of the assignment. I’m sure the html/css needs some cleanup but I’ll figure that out eventually. This does not display well on mobile. I decided to just stop where I was and move on to the next project.

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Very nice except the header doesn’t contrast with the image. It’s hard to read the navbar text.

Thanks for the feedback. I also tried white but the ‘about’ disappears in the lights of the background. I guess I’ll have to play with some other colors and see what looks good and is visible.

Maybe try darkening the background image.

I would personally import image to a Google Slide, then fill the slide and then format the image and lower the brightness, then download the image as PNG.

Ok so instead of using css to darken/tweak the image just do it beforehand with a different program?

That is what I usually do!