My Product Landing Page - needs a little help

Hi All,
I’ve passed the tests, but my About Nav-link does not stop at the top of the About section.
It goes in about 3 paragraphs.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

i had the same issue. Take a look at the pen you just reviewed for me to see how I handled it. (Look for #aboutUs)

It looks like you have two of these in your HTML

<section id="about">

This looks like a problem. You should only have one specific ID of “about” per page.


Thank you. That would cause a problem. But it’s still scrolling too far down.

Is the rest of your HTML valid as far as opening and closing tags? It’s hard for me to see on CodePen.

Maybe copy just the HTML into a local editor and go through the tags to make sure there are pairs?

Oh, I thought the id had be in with the href. Thank you I will try that.

When you use a link like

<a href="#about" class="nav-link"> About </a>

It will look at the entire HTML page for an element with an id of about, and go there when you click on the a tag. Yours is almost working, i am just wondering if HTML syntax is wrong somewhere.

Yes, the validator has other issues, like the “for” label…

That is totally brilliant!

Thank you so much!

I love the changes you made, and it makes sense now :blush:

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Yes, I think there is definitely some changes I still need to make.

Thank you for sending me in the right direction.

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