My Product Landing Page project

I’m very new to this and self taught, not very artsy so the page kind of has a boxy 90s feel to it. But I had fun with it and I like it. It passed the script tests.

What do you think of my early steps into coding ? Have any suggestions on where I can improve ?

Here’s the pen


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I like the page. It good that you’re not overloading it with text. You can even make it slimmer but it’s fine.

I’ve got 2 simple suggestions:

  1. Play a bit with the fonts (font- family, font-variant, line-height, letter-spacing, word-spacing…)
  2. For background images (they look cool, well done) you can add a 30x30px sample instead of a huge 1800x1000. The code will repeat it x and y by default I believe, or you can set that up. I guess this will be better than loading the image.
  3. Sorry, added an extra one. Maybe a hover effect on the items with a price?

Anyways, well done!

Good job on making your landing page. First thing I realized was the ghost is hiding text through out the page when viewing on mobile.

Keep it up!