My "Product landing page" project

I would like to hear some constructive feedback about this project
Original Chess

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Looks good! I like the color scheme. That logo “Original Chess” at the top is bugging my that its off center, haha. But thats just me. I’m about to start this project, too.

Good work!

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I forgot to fix the Logo haha, thanks for reminding me
the color scheme I get on this Instagram

DUDE. Thank you for sharing that insta page. That’s killer! Gonna follow that for sure.

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Looks good!

The get started button needs to be wider to fit the text.

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Looks good.
But when I click on the how it works link, it scrolls down and the top of the video is cut off. I think the top of the video is at the top of the page, but then it is covered by the nav bar.

(That’s on Firefox, btw, but I wouldn’t think it is limited to that)

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what the best email to register in code pen ? outlook, yahoo,gmail ??“thanks”

Thanks, I will check it