My Product Landing Page: What do You Think?

Hi everybody! I’m here again to show you my third project at freeCodeCamp.
This is my Product Landing Page, please feel free to send me feed back.

Product Landing Page


Just entered the forum for special search of “one thing” :grin: and your topic was at first,decided to just take a look,and what can i tell,it is amazing! i`m even not sure about my work,i strugle too much and all i could make is stock :sweat_smile:
Good job!

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You are so kind! Thank you very much for your comment. Welcome to freeCodeCamp and don’t worry, here you will learn what you need to do these projects.

Your page looks good @ricardoantonio. Some things to revisit;
In the nav one of the links looks like it is already selected. This is not a good UX.
As the different links get focus they should/could look like that but only when they have focus. It lets the user know where they are.

The same with the “get this” button in your cards. It looks like the one always has focus. They should all look the same except when one has focus,

Hope that helps / makes sense.

Your page is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

I’m working on mine at the moment and I have honestly thrown design out the window :grimacing: Landing Page

I also like how you structured your CSS :ok_hand:

How long would you say this page took you to complete?

Thank your for the feed back…

I was trying to highlight the buttons as a way to attract attention. I don’t think that was the best way to do it.

What do you think now?

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
It took me two days to finish the project.

One way to get inspiration is to look at other designs. This page is very useful for that

Thanks for you comments!

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