My Product Landing Page! (:

any feedback is much appreciated!

Hey @jugges,

This looks amazing.
Color scheme and design both look good.
Very well done on the responsiveness.

One suggestion, you could consider having less text in the how part.

Good project overall.

All the best.

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Nice page. I like the animation. Great job.

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@jugges Nice! I like that you have changed the layout to something of your own.
Right away, I noticed that you have Lorem ipsum text. I suggest writing your own words. When people use Lorem ipsum as a place holder it looks a bit unfinished. I know that you can just expand upon your “Studer” product theme idea.

Keep up the good work!

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I think it looks great, but like @brandon_wallace stated, you should write something in the placeholder text area.

You should also make it more responsive by not letting the image get too narrow at some widths. You could just use fixed widths, or you can specify a minimum width.

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@jugges here are some more tips.

  • set text-align: justify on you p tags to space the words out nicely.
  • shrink the width to 320px wide and notice how you can widen the content because the margins are too big. I usually use 96% width on the really small screen sizes.
  • Make the video responsive. It is a little tricky but I know you can do it.
  • on small screens you can make the nav 100% width and space the menu items evenly (33.3% for each item). On small screen sizes the menu items may be hard to click on. Some people increase the padding in mobile view for visitiors with larger sized fingers. Or you can stack the menu item vertically like I did on my product page.
  • Codepen trick: click on the cog next to the word “HTML” and paste the head information in the section called Stuff for <head>. Make sure to add the meta tag for viewport and your design will change a bit.
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Thanks! I’ll definitely incorporate those tips in my next projects,
And about all the placeholder text - just wasn’t feeling like thinking of text :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone for the kind words and motivation, rock on! :smiley::+1:

nice job Jugges!!
Your skills are outstanding!!
I would just suggest a bit less lorem ipsum…
The top bar shouldn’t say ‘what, why, and how’. Maybe ‘“about”, “what we do”, and “some lorem ipsum”’

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sounds way better! thanks for the compliments :smiley::heart: