My Profile ready for review

Here’s what I got:
The code lives on github here:
index.html and assets folder.

No Bootstrap, jQuery etc.
Parallax background scrolling effect.
Scroll and lock navigation bar.
Email contact form with submit status bar.
Content loaded with JavaScript via JSON file and XHR request.
Content filter links and category item count.

Nice! :thumbsup:

Maybe go for a faster scroll speed when clicking Home?

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@kevcomedia, Thanks for the feedback,

You know, scroll speed was one thing I didn’t like when the page was long. I changed the scrollPageDown() to use division instead of subtraction, now it starts out fast and slows down as it approaches the top. I left the scrollPageUp() using addition because it should never have more than 500px to scroll.


Ok, I have it working on CodePen except for the email form, it shows up but it won’t process email like the link above.