My Programming Journey and Help About Project Ideas

Hello, I’m Serj. In this post I just want to give a small background about me and my journey of programming languages, and then I will talk about what projects I can do. If you want, scroll down and you’ll see directly the projects part (bolded first phrase in the sentence), until then it is just a history of my programming journey.

It was like two or three years ago, I started with HTML and CSS. It was a mess, of course. I even did some JavaScript, but basically this was just copying codes from online sites to just make a function work. Like for example onclick animations, showing menus and so on. HTML and CSS were my first languages that I learned, I won’t count JavaScript.

Then, last summer I did the PY4E course (I don’t know why I jumped from HTML/CSS to Python without even learning the former properly, but I did it), and it was pretty fun. I finished the course, played around with some of the things I learned like BeautifulSoup, I even looked into Tkinter a bit (and customtkinter for a more modern UI, basically the same though). Python was the programming language that I focused more, even more than HTML and CSS. At the end I got annoyed because I didn’t know how to share the certificate, but anyways… That’s not important lol.

Now this summer, I joined freeCodeCamp. Of course you may ask what I did between those times, I had school (my last years) so I didn’t have a lot of time but I did put some into it (if you really like something, you can find time for it). On freeCodeCamp, I started with the ordered courses. I finished the Responsive Web Design course and got a certificate, now I consider myself knowing HTML and CSS at least more properly than I used to (using , , ordering them properly, not using divs for EVERYTHING (yes, I used to do this)). Plus, there was a proper certificate system, so I actually felt an accomplishment when I finished it.

Now currently I’m doing the JavaScript course, I reached the Debugging section. But, I skipped a bit here. I went to the “Scientific Computing with Python” course. I did PY4E last summer, so I wanted to do it here too because I saw that the lessons in the course are the same as PY4E. It didn’t take much time, but owhh the projects…! I’m going to tell you something: the first 3 projects were more challenging for me than the last 2. The visualizations (especially the Budget App)! My God, those were challenging… But I got it eventually, it wasn’t that extreme, but I put more time into the first 3 projects than any of the rest projects. At last I got that certificate too, and today I went over the projects and added some prints so whenever they are ran it would tell what it’s doing with detail (or else it will be either just numbers or the passed test text).

Now the second point of this topic, is about the projects. I know that with HTML and CSS alone, I can’t do much. I have to do JavaScript as well, so at least it would be mostly complete. I don’t have a lot of major projects, and the one I’m thinking of (it isn’t something that unique) is a store page. There are a lot of online stores here, maybe with an affordable monthly fee I can make something out of it (they will benefit by having a website, and I will earn some side cash, you know). Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL (for storing product data). But, I didn’t reach SQL. I know some SQL (from PY4E, there was a SQL section), at high school the last year we learned Access, and with my teacher I used to write SQL representations of the queries done in Access (it was fun). But that doesn’t count much here because I don’t know how to make it work with HTML and CSS, of course I can search but then again I don’t want to skip any of the courses for the sake of that.

I’m going to start university later this month (first semester) majoring in Management Information Systems. I’m thinking to do till the Relational Database course and then stopping. But then again, one project shouldn’t be enough, unless it’s really major (and my idea is really not that major :sweat_smile:). This is where I’m confused, I am doing these courses with high interest in the subjects, but when it comes to projects…

With Python, I’m incomplete. There are some modules that are worth checking at, but I don’t want to continue with it because it will affect my focus on the JavaScript course. I guess the only major modules that I know of are BeautifulScoup, Tkinter and SQL (I think it was sqlite). Are there any project ideas that I can do with these?

And with HTML and CSS I guess I can just do website designing, I’ll probably design a front-end for the store page idea I have, and then when the time comes I’ll integrate a database. I’m thinking to work on:

  • Main page
  • One page for displaying an item with its information. I won’t create a page for each item (if possible I will skip this), instead I’m thinking to pass an information to this one page whenever the user clicks on a product (maybe on the main page I can use a library to manipulate for each link to have something unique providing an information about the clicked product), and once the page loads that displays the item a library there checks the passed item in the database and returns values accoridngly. Hopefully this is possible.
  • One page for displaying a category of products that the user clicked. Like the previous, it will need libraries to pass a unique information to this one page that identifies this category. And then a library will work on the page to show all of the products under this category from the database. (Clearly, I don’t know which library accomplishes this, lmk the name if you do!)
  • Account page (login/signup) so admins can have access to the database and adding/removing items, though this definitely requires more libraries because I can’t do it with just HTML and CSS. I’ll just design it for now. Also pages within this page, maybe I’ll create a separate folder for this. A page for seeing database, adding/removing items from the database, changing account information.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to give their guidance to me, or simply just replying!

I totally get you. It can get pretty confusing with the many language options. Your project actually sounds pretty neat if you can get it to work. Good luck in completing it :smile:.

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