My progress after a little over a month with html/css

So i took a break from learning c# (my brain was really hurting) to try my hands on web development, and so far everything is going great. One thing about me is that it takes me longer to remember things so thats my biggest hurdle for now. Learning HTML & CSS is to me is way easier to learn then C# but is still making my brain hurt at times, but I push on. I am proud to announce that even though I haven’t completed any courses yet but getting close to finishing the responsive web design course, I already have 3 freelance jobs to complete. Getting them was actually pretty easy. I just talk to people about what I’m doing and they say hey I need a website can you build me one. So very hopeful. I would also like to thank FCC for the free lessons and am don’t regret being a supporter! If you are struggling keep at it, ask for help, and practice practice practice. I’ve recently started using github to upload my work. Check it out

Happy coding!


Nice keep up the good work man

Keep it up man, its step by step. … I encourage you to zeal up man

Hello, it’s pretty good overall.

In your repository “Testpage1” in the element <div id="title"> it’s better to use CSS for styling the title like <h3> for keeping the semantic meining of your header.

Like :

<h1><span class="h3style">Welcome to</span> Av8tion Newz<span class="h3style">Where Newz Soar!</span></h1>

Thanks for the response. I was mainly focused on working on aligning things with that one. In my later projects I use more CSS styling

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