My progress is gone. I logged in all 4 ways

On another computer I can still log into my account but I can’t log into my account. My email is <redacted> and username is jdigz.

When I log onto the other accounts they also use the <redacted> email.

Welcome there.

I have redacted your email address, as these forum posts are indexed by Google, and strafed by bots looking for email addresses to spam.

In general, I recommend you take a read of this: Common Technical Support Questions – freeCodeCamp FAQ to see if it can help your resolve your issues.

Otherwise, this is not very clear what you are experiencing:

Please elaborate:

  1. What you are experiencing
  2. What you are trying to do
  3. Any additional information we might find useful (nothing personally identifiable)

Hope this helps

Ah thanks for that.

  1. When I log into my freecodecamp (not the forum) account I have no progress on any of the sections. I used to have most of it completed.
  2. I attempted to log in with all 4 methods and the same result. I logged in using Google, GitHub, Facebook, and my email address that is on the account with the progress.
  3. I am still logged into this account on another laptop. I have screenshots of the settings page from that account.

Also I already went through the FAQ before making this post. The first FAQ applies to my issue but I already tried the suggested solution without it fixing my issue.

Thank you, for that.

Then, I think your best bet of action would be to send an email to with all your information. You can include identifiable content in the email to help them locate your profile.

Hope this can be resolved.

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