My project does not saved!

after I finished make the web " Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage " I copy the link ,that cuase I finished the challenge, after while I reopened my projects to check them for last time, but I discovered that this " Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage " project didn’t saved I don’t know why !!!
How can I make sure that the code that I copied is for the finished project??
thank you.

Usually if close the tab without remembering to click the “Save” button in CodePen, you’ll see something like this:

Perhaps you had popups blocked, so you didn’t see the reminder to save your work.

I know that, but I am sure that I click save after every few steps . I am sure 100000% .
should I rewrite the code!! or there is another way to fix this problem?

You can look at your saved pens at to see if maybe you just had the link wrong. The other possibility I can think of is that you may have accidentally created a second CodePen account and saved your project there.

You can try reaching out to CodePen support, but I suspect that if your project didn’t save, there is nothing that can be done to recover it.

thanx alot for ur help

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