My project is finished but

my table in the previewer did work. any know why?

[Markdown Previewer Using React](

See the Pen Markdown Previewer Using React by Royal James Green (@royal-james-green) on CodePen.


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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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Is there no one who can help me?

my table in the previewer did work

I agree ^^

Is there no one who can help me?

What’s wrong?

My table didn’t show in previewer.

It is working. You can look at the DOM to see the table (Right click the table, select Inspect look at the DOM). It just might not look like you expected?

I don’t see a Dom or my lines in the table

I just don’t think it is looking like you think it should.

BTW, The DOM (Document Object Model) I’m referring to is what you see on the right hand side of the image.

I fixed it i just need to style it. lol