My project! magic egg

okay im working on project, but im not allowed to make link yet =)

Just stick some spaces in the url, like so:

example .com / myproject

Where is it being hosted?

Is it on CodePen?

I’ve been working on this page for weeks! =)
But im not allowed to post links yet i try do everything to be allowed maybe they delete my post if i do

Your post doesn’t get deleted if you post links as a new user, the link just gets stripped out of your post. If it’s on CodePen, just post the part after the so if your project is, for example, then just put in eggsplice/JhgaHqt and we can find your project from there.

(You can also try posting the link now and see if it will let you)

yes now i am allowed thanks! so check it out and give as much critique as possible so i can improve, =)
its my first website i made without wordpress, coded everything myself

I still can’t see your codepen url.

Its not codepen, its egg
give feedback about what it can be worked on if you like? =)
I worked on this page for weeks now. as I said its my first page coding everything myself
But I want know like what I can improve on and so forth I feel like its lacking something (

It’s a little busy. And I’m confused on exactly what you are trying to do. Your “About” link just sits there and your “Contact” link sends me to Patreon.

I’m seeing the same ad twice, sidebar with the second ad isn’t necessary.
When I try the “close ad” button, I am sent to the ad site.

Your “Comment here” does not allow comments.

I followed the link to the old page. and it explained a little more about who you are and what you are doing.

My advice is that you first - take a step back. Decide exactly what your message is. If you can, draw out exactly where which components should be.

Keep the important info on top and in front :
“I am a Gamer (Not just a “girl” gamer), I am creating an awesome game, Here is the story about the game. Here is a screenshot of my dragon.” Break these into their own sections.

“I am also a traveler and house sitter. If you want to travel and save money, check out this site!”

If you are going to allow comments on your site, make the text box easy to see and access.

You have a very pretty picture as you discuss modern video games - but the text is the wrong color to read. Try making the image more transparent, or as a header to that section. Or use all black, bold on the text.

I’m not a fan of the Star Wars script. I tend to either read too slow or too fast. And it looks like a footnote, where the info in the beginning may actually help understand the story of the game. I’m not saying don’t keep it, I’m just saying the Episode would have been nice up above with the story.

I like your Contact Form, but your “Contact” navigation should link to it.

Finally, place your Pinterest and Patreon and Visiting info at the bottom. And find a way to make the Trending show that it is Pinterest trending…(and blue on black is hard to read).

Ok, I know it’s a lot. And I am really not trashing your site. It looks like this was done with Angular, and that is impressive to me because I’m barely making it in React. And except for the links, the code looks good.

But from the User Design and Experience aspect, think about what you want them to do, see and feel while they are on your site.

Let me know how it goes. I’d like to meet your dragon.

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I know you are not trashing the website but you gave me a lot of homework. I want to test react one day…
sigh, I need to keep working on the website but I will definitely improve it and try to adapt to your bullet points =)
The ad site close button is in a <a directive, of course, a mistake, but I need to find all the bugs…
And the blog is updated but the theme I don’t like it at all its WordPress. um yes some links are broken =(

I like React, if I can just make it work… but at least when I read it, it makes sense to me.
I’m not a WordPress fan either.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Please ping me when you are ready.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Please ping me when you are ready.

okay!.. don’t know where to start at the moment I still try to figure out angular a lot =)

I updated a lot lately, I hope to get some feedback again, I have a few visitors as well :cowboy_hat_face::relaxed: