My project: Mini app

i want to create a DIV with CSS class of info and mdc-elevation–z3. This DIV should have 5 PARAGRAPH elements, each containing a SPAN with CSS class prop and another SPAN with CSS class of value.
Please I need your input.
Here is the code that I have written

<div class= "details mdc-elevation--z3">
        <p> data-age<span class="prop"> Age</span> <span class="value"> data-age-value </span></p>
<p> data-height <span class="prop">Height</span><span class="value"> data-height-value</span></p
          <p>data-weight<span class="prop">Weight</span><span class="value"> data-weight -value</span></p
          <p>data-gender<span class="prop">Gender</span><span class="value"> data-gender -value</span></p
          <p>data-country<span class="prop">Country</span><span class="value">data-country-value</span></p>

Several of your closing p tags are missing a >. Also, your closing div tag is missing a /.