My quote app leave some comments of your thoughts!

Here is my quote app!!

Hi, it’s a little bright on the background. But they are pretty colors. And I like the way they change for each new call.

If you are going to keep the color bright, then you may wish to raise your font-size a couple of pixels so that it is easier to see.

I love the quotes that you have chosen.

Twitter is down right now, but I was taken to the page that told me it was down, so I am thinking the tweet works as well.

You may want a header stating what this page is about - such as Andrei’s Quotes for Life - or whatever you would like your users to see when they first arrive.

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Thanks so much for the reply, you rock!

I took your considerations and I even made an extra implement . = )

:slight_smile: Thanks!

It looks much better. Easier to read, and more attractive to the eye.

Did you want an end quote on your quotes? Just as a balance …

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