My Quote Machine

Hey :slight_smile:
I just finished Random Quote Machine. I used as css framework.
And here is my work
What do you think about it?

(Yep I don’t have any idea why loading icon stop working when quotes are cleaning)

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I love the design, but waiting for each quote to type, and then un-type itself is sheer torture. I don’t want to wait more than half a second for each new quote, tops.

Thanks. I add skip button, but I have a problem with skipping current animation. Is it some way to change value of variables from outside of the loop?

Edit: Meh, I forgot that JS is single-theard, it’s look like I need to change most of my code for this solution ;__;

It’s not a matter of threads. The loop has set all of the timers before I’m physically capable of pressing the button to skip them. What you’re wanting to do is cancel the current timers, which is possible but very difficult in your case. Honestly, I like the speed of it at 0, or even 5ms. I strongly suggest lowering that number to 5 or less. 60ms is incredibly high, and it means that a 300 character quote will take 18 seconds of my life to load, and it will pause if I switch tabs.

I agree that the animation is taking too long. Apart from that, this is one of the best quote machines I have seen!

Hmm, I set interval on 20ms for letter, for lower value animation lost her sens in my opinion.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Nice unique machine, I like it.

Love the animation, good job! :smiley: