My Quotes on Demand Page

Hi everyone…please take a look at my random quote generator and let me know if you have any feedback. I’d love to hear your ideas for improvements.

UPDATE: After a bit more reading and searching I think I’ve resolved the outstanding issues and made the site more responsive and improved the aesthetics as well. Love the feedback and hope to see more.

Nice! Is it necessary for the social icons at the bottom to go off the page? There is plenty of room there, and no need to add an unnecessary scrollbar.

Thats a good point Isaac. I did it this way because on small screen devices there’s not a lot of space left on the background image. Another reason is purely cosmetic, I simply liked the impact of the large B&W image with quote superimposed on top.

I will take another look at this though because it is a valid point.

thanks for your feedback!

Actually…I need to center the quote within the body.

Good idea and also, the scrollbar doesn’t help you see the background image any better. You have the background attachment: fixed, so your background stays the same - it will never scroll.