My Random Quote Generator - feedback welcome :)


I finished the Random Quote Generator challenge. It was very hard to get the Ajax part going, but it works now.

Can anybody tell me why the CSS rule MIN-HEIGHT for the .quoteBox does nothing? There must be something I don’t see here.

Thanks for any advice!

My Random Quote Generator

Works well, looks nice, covers all the user stories. Good job!

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Hi, @IceFireCode! Nice work :+1: !

You misspelled min-height in your CSS. It’s spelled min-heigth.

wow, thanks, I keep falling for that mistake :slight_smile:

Very nice and clean design - great work!
The only thing is that there isn’t a closing quote symbol (") for the quotes.

Omitting the closing quote mark is IMO a stylistic preference. The sample quote machine also has only the opening quote mark in it.

Good Work , nice and clean