My Random Quote Machine with Random Gradient Background

The idea came up at the very beginning and it was really a struggling process seeking the way to realize.
Luckily I made it!
Hope you like it.

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Oh wow, this looks awesome!

One small thing: I would remove the y-overflow: scroll;, if possible.

I love the design :slight_smile: I could only hope that my page will be as nice looking when done.

A suggestion would be add some responsiveness to the page, so that the circle don`t turn into an eclipse in smaller view ports.

The background gradient was a super great idea! You should try a fade effect to make the transition smooth. I love the circular design, I haven’t seen anything like it before.

You should definitely check on the responsiveness of the circle to make mobile look just as sexy as the desktop design. The down arrow is a bit confusing at first glance, I was half expecting a transition effect down. Both of those things are just nitpicking, overall it’s a beautiful project

Looks really nice. I’d set the overflow-y on the quote class to auto.
overflow-y: auto;