My random quotes app. please comment

See the Pen Random Quotes by Zeeshan Haider (@zeeshan72) on CodePen.

The page works great for me. Twitter button works. What I don’t really like are the random color changes. Some of the colors are too strong and those that are darker make the View Quote text on that button unreadable. I’d suggest you pick 20 or so colors that look really good on your page, put them in an array and then randomly choose a background color from that array.

One more thing. If you add:
#getquote:focus {
to your css, you’ll lose the blue outline on the View Quote button which would, in my opinion, look much better.

I have made some changes. I used array of 13 colors and the colors are dark. I didn’t have much idea about colors so used the darker one. more over I made the text “view qoute” white so it can be read easily against dark background… thanks for advice…

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Looks great!

But looking in the code you use the number 11 to selected the random color… it’s better call the array length to do that, because if in the future you add some color you must change to 12 and so on.

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That’s much better, Zeeshan. You could maybe make the Twitter icon white, too, and give it a lighter hover color. But that’s a minor thing. Overall it looks great. Good job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, a very clever and nice approach indeed.

Thanks for all the help and really great suggestions. I gave it white color… check if it is ok now… thanks again for help…

Twitter button not working in Firefox… Chrome too. Otherwise it’s great looking.

You are welcome :slight_smile: Both Tweet and View Quote buttons look great now. Twitter button works for me in Chrome, but not in Firefox. Not sure why is that… I am curious to hear if someone has an explanation and solution for that.

I checked it on twitter and it is not compatible with older firefox version…

Checked again and it’s still not working in Firefox even though my Firefox updates automatically, so I have the latest version. I checked with my own quote app and Twitter button works in Firefox. It’s just your page, so you’ll have to figure out why.