My React Redux Project is not working in codepen

I’m trying to create the drum machine project from the front end course on FCC using react and redux.

Why does nothing get displayed? It works just fine locally, but not on codepen.

Hi @uncasted !

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Codepen isn’t the best when it comes to react projects because it doesn’t support multiple files or support imports.

I would use codesandbox instead

Alright I’ll do that now. I just have one question.

How can I run the tests for the project in codesandbox ( the ones from: “”)

You can include it in the html file.

Replit is also a good option too.

Here is a sample using the test suite on replit.

At this point in the curriculum, you will start learning how to work with other IDE’s and eventually branching off and working in your local dev environment using something like vs code and deploying your projects to places like netlify.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I tried to do that and this happened.

Thanks for your help and fast response so far btw, really appreciate it!

ohh… sorry I thought that bug was fixed.
for some reason, the test suite started having issues with codesandbox and it looked for a while like it resolved itself but I guess not.

You could use replit.
I had just tried it out in the sample above and it works.
It is easy to setup.

or if you feel comfortable deploying your local project to netlify, that works too.

You can also use StackBlitz with a Vite React starter template. I know it works with the test script and I personally think it’s a better experience than Replit.

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