My real portfolio & blog that I will use for real

After finish the MOOC from edX, which is Agile Development using Ruby on Rails, plus the HTML & CSS knowledge. I can build real blog that have full features; sign-in, sign-up, post CRUD, send mail from contact form.

I pushed it to heroku using custom domain, which is

The design may look flat but I can tweak at it when I get better designer sense.

Tanakorn Numrubporn

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Looks nice! I didn’t immediately realise that the YOLO mlkshake blogpost was nonsense…I thought you just had a very avant garde writing style.

Is that a particular lorem ipsum style text generator you are using for that?

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Yes, I start the blog using lorem ipsum. I’m about to write the real article this week.

Thank you so much.

Really like your work. The minimalist style works great, very professional looking!


That text looks like Hipster Lipsum or Hipsum. Digging the minimal style of your blog/portfolio.


Thank you so much for your kind review, I will use this blog as starting point to dig deeper in to Front-end topic…

The lorum ipsum he’s using is called ‘hispter ipsum’ -

"Oh. You need a little dummy text for your mockup? How quaint.

I bet you’re still using Bootstrap too…"


You’re bet! I user but for css I user raw scss but not touch at Bootstrap.

Sorry - I should have pointed out this wasn’t a comment - it’s the blurb on the page…

Great final product ! Good luck !