My REAL Portfolio Site

I used GitHub pages to host a static site.
Check it out

I haven’t really added the content but will add soon.

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Hello! It looks very good so far! I like the colors you used, and it looks great on small devices too, good job :grin:

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Thanks for the nice feedback.

I have also added two pages but they are not linked right now.

I’ll be linking other projects to it soon.

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Great! :grin: if you allow me to give you some feedback on the Quiz Machine, I was looking at the page on my phone and on some occasions I needed to scroll to the right to read the whole question:

So if the whole thing could fit on smaller screens it would be great :smiley: the calculator seems to work very well, so congrats, you did a great job on both projects. :grin:

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I made that Quiz Machine responsive. You can check it out now.

Why do you list the chat app and text editor 3 times each in the portfolio section? Only the first of each “Check it out” links work, the rest go back home.

It might be helpful to host your apps somewhere so they can easily be viewed as well as having the code link.

I added some data to it. I’ll adding more soon.

Great work. Nice picking of colors. Keep the same spirit.

you have done an awesome job, keep up the good work :metal: :ok_hand: