My Recipe Box Project


I have just finished my Recipe Box project and it would be nice to receive some feedback.
I used MERN stack in making this project, because it seems to me that the endgoal of the curriculum of FCC is to have knowledge into making web apps by MERN.

The back-end of the app is deployed in heroku and the front-end, by netlify due to the simplicity of deployment. At the moment, anyone can add, edit and delete a recipe.

I still have some functions I would like to implement into this project, like a rating for each recipe or a “like” system. It would require users to login inorder to rate or like a recipe, add, edit and delete. But, I think it would suffice for now.

I have the front-end side code here:

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Your idea is pretty neat. Well executed. The form size where we enter the recipe is a bit small though. I feel it would be nicer if it occupied a larger part of the screen. The rendering of the recipe is good. And yes, do continue this project and add a “Like” system. Cheers.


This Link is Not working for me.:

The Project is Great!
I would definitely use it to keep my Recipes!


Thanks for the feedback. I agree with what you said. I do feel like the form is quite small when I tried entering some more recipes. I guess it would be on the top priority in the next update when I go back working on it again (I’m in the process of looking for my first developer job while learning Java).

Projects like these are a good way to showcase your programming and development skills. So you are going in the right direction :beers:

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