My revised portfolio

This was my original portfolio project:

I decided, after picking up some new skills and advancing the ones I already had, I thought I would update it
to make something that was more friendly, something that went beyond the ‘barely passes’ portfolio I had before.

Check it out @

Any feedback is welcome.

I think when you first look at the site,it’s beautiful, then as you scroll down, everything seems a bit intense. This could just be me. I don’t have time now to review the code, so I’m just looking at the site. It’s very busy and hard to focus on one thing. It’s cool that you have your resume to view, but you have the link for your Linkedin (however you spell it) page, so maybe thats not necessary. You have your contact e-mail, but that’s really not necessary either. The picture of you w/the coding language background languages is cool, but I have to make an effort to shirt my eyes towards the left margin to view it. I think it’s cool to have the changing background for the projects sections (shows that you know how to make that happen), but a bit busy. Maybe the About section can include your skills, location, and availability.

I really like how it looks when you first open the link.
If I resize my widow, something doesn’t work correctly. I

Thanks for sharing,


Thank you for the feedback. It is truly appreciated.

As you both have noticed, responsive design has yet to be implemented. If you resize the window at all or view it on a mobile device, everything gets jumbled. This isn’t a bug, I have moved away from bootstrap to try and expand on my CSS fundamentals, I just haven’t had a chance to implement responsive design as of yet. I revamped this in the last 48 hours, it’s a good start, but not a finished product. I’ll be adding media queries to implement responsive design later on, as well as clean up the color/font’s used currently. I really just threw colors and fonts together to see something that looked decent.

I plan to learn some more advanced CSS soon as well as maybe some typography and color schemes courses, a.k.a "design theory’, like you already pointed out, that should help out with some of the things going on.

Thanks for your thoughts.